Dana Häggman.

September 2016

Thank you Helen for the wonderful care you offered me and my son!
For whoever needs a kraamzorg, I recommend Helen Marshall! She is absolutely wonderful!

Emily, The Hague

March 2015
Bennett is latching on both breasts and I’m able to feed him sitting up… without a nipple shield! Whoo hoo!

Thanks for all your help and the boost of confidence!

Take care,

Hannah Sazz :-

Wat is de kraamweek snel gegaan! Vandaag was onze eerste dag ‘alleen’. We zijn ontzettend goed verzorgd door Helen Sheila -Marshall. Ze is vakkundig, lief, verzorgend, fijn gezelschap voor de rest van het gezin, weet ontzettend veel over borstvoeding en zorgt bovendien dat je als kraamvrouw niks tekort komt (eten, slaap, tips).

Woon je in (omgeving) Den Haag, ben je zwanger en heb je nog geen kraamzorg geregeld? Dan kan ik je Helen echt van harte aanbevelen. Ze is ZZP-er. Je kunt haar inhuren .

Trena Cormier

I’d just like to mention that Helen was my lactation consultant and Kraamzorg. She was great. She diagnosed my baby with a lip and a tongue tie within 36 hrs of birth (something all the ob/gyn and pediatricians & lactation consultants and nurses at Bronovo completely missed)….and once that was fixed, it made a tremendous difference in being able to breastfeed. I used to call her the baby whisperer because she could coax my baby into sleeping an hour longer in the am than I could (before having to feed again). I loved having a certified lactation consultant as a kraamzorg…

Eva, The Hague                                                                                                                                                  April 2014

It was a pleasure to have you here. We are full of hope about breast feeding now!

Dear Helen

Just to let you know that we went for the procedure today and the Dr did both the lip and tongue tie. Think it was more traumatic for me than Fearne. It’s so quick! Feeding feels different already and Fearne is pulling funny faces, obviously feels different to her too.

Thank you for your help, I really appreciate that your knowledge has given me a good chance of feeding my third baby for much longer.



Femke, The Hague

November 2013

Sinne wordt over een paar weken alweer 1 jaar! Ik moest aan je denken en aan de mooie start die we, mede door jou, met Sinne hebben gehad.
Jouw hulp was écht geweldig!

Kathryn, The Hague
March 2013

Helen was an invaluable addition to our family on the birth of our second daughter. Nutritional advice, cleaning, shopping and even cake-baking with our elder daughter are just some of the many ways she lightened the load during our first few weeks as a family of four.

Perhaps most importantly, her breastfeeding knowledge, expertise and patience turned a breastfeeding debacle into a delight and I am now happily able to feed my daughter, which I am sure would not have been the case were it not for Helen’s assistance

We are most grateful for Helen’s care and very much enjoyed having her in our home.




Hi Helen,

I wanted to let you know that Jacques Leon and I have had a good feeding week since the tongue- and lip-tie cut 🙂
His drinking is better, he is satisfied after the feedings, and I am pain-free!! 🙂

Regards Fabienne